“Decision with Precision”

The Team

Prof. Banafshe Larijani Co-founder, Joint Managing Director, Chief Scientific Officer, BOD and SAB Read More
Prof. Peter J Parker Co-Founder, Chairman of FASTBASE SOLUTIONS Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and BOD member. Peter has previously created and sold 2 companies. Read More
Mr Pierre Leboucher Co-Founder, Inventor and BOD Read More
Prof. Antonio Ferrer Montiel Joint Managing Director, Investor and Chairman of the BOD. He has also created and runs 3+ companies. Read More
Dr. Antonio Parente Volsunga S.L. Investor and BOD Read More
Dr. Lissete Sanchez Magraner Senior Scientific Officer
Mr. Christopher Applebee Chief Technical Engineer
Mrs. Mary Richardson Executive Assistant


  • Antonio Ferrer; Chairman
  • Peter J Parker
  • Pierre Leboucher
  • Banafshe Larijani
  • Antonio Parente
  • Felix Goni


  • Peter J Parker; Chairman. London, UK.
  • Banafshe Larijani; The Basque Country, Spain.
  • Alfredo Carrato Mena; Madrid, Spain. Read More
  • Erick Dufourc; Bordeaux/Paris, France. Read More
  • Andrew Hanby;  Leeds, UK. Read More
  • Pierre Leboucher; Paris, France.
  • Vytas Bankaitis; Texas, US. Read More