“Decision with Precision”


FASTBASE SOLUTIONS will be the first European company that analyses cancer patient samples using this innovative technology. In addition, we envisage establishing high-value partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for access to the platform for their in-house research purposes.

FASTBASE SOLUTIONS main objective is to be a new vision in cancer diagnostics/prognosis using quantitative biology for objectively increasing precision and thus being cost-effective for EU social security.



FASTBASE SOLUTIONS provides clinicians with invaluable diagnostic and prognostic tools to detect faster and in quantitative, objective, precise and reliable manner biomarkers that define the best treatments for each patient, allowing patient stratification for a personalised treatment. Furthermore, the A-FRET technology for both molecular and cell-cell interactions offered have also a significant impact on drug discovery programs, as they allow the definition of appropriate patient cohorts for clinical trials of novel, mechanism-specific investigational new drugs.

A. Business lines:

Products and services of FASTBASE SOLUTIONS can be categorised in 3 different levels:

i) As a product

Clients who will purchase the FASTBASE SOLUTIONS platforms capability (sample preparation kit)

ii) As a service

Clients who will require analytical services, i.e. biomarker services (predictive, diagnostic and prognostic)

iii) As a license

Clients who will acquire a total in-house solution, including hardware, installation, kits, training and customer support



Target customers

Kit Sales e.g. Lung and Renal Cancer

Pharma, Biotech, Hospitals, Academia, Research Institutes

Biomarker services

Pharma, Biotech, Hospitals, Academia, Research Institutes

Platform licensing

CRO-s, Pharma, Biotech, Research Institutes