Our Biomarkers

Open and Versatile Biomarker Platform

QF-Pro® is a customisable solution that allows ready incorporation of third-party detection reagents to target new functional proteomic biomarkers.

We work collaboratively with Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies adapting our technology to the requirements of their specific protein-protein interactions or PTMs of interest.

We currently incorporate three different families of functional proteomic biomarkers in our portfolio: post-translational modifications, intermolecular protein-protein interactions and intercellular receptor-ligand interactions, with a particular focus on immune checkpoint interactions.

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Easy To Use Data Acquisition Solution

The solution incorporates a fully open commercial hardware system, interfaced with our proprietary data acquisition software.
This imaging and automation software incorporates our functional proteomics quantification approach in a simple, user-friendly format.
The combination of imaging technology with our proprietary data acquisition software achieves an unprecedented, robust and precise quantification of phenomena in the micro-environment of tissues.

Assays In Our Current Portfolio

We also have in development assays for further post-translational modifications, complexes and other non-disclosable programmes.