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Promoting Personalised Medicine By Bringing Functional Proteomics To Pathology

QF-Pro®, a transformative platform that unveils post-translational modifications and protein-protein interactions in pathology samples

FASTBASE´s companion diagnostics platform, QF-Pro®, quantifies protein-protein interactions and protein post-translational modifications in single cell and fixed tissue samples. By design the platform has built in specificity and preserves the morphological integrity and cellular heterogeneity of the tissue. It can be exploited for pharmacodynamics, precision diagnostics and prognostics designed to impact clinical practice.

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Powerful Biomarkers for better Treatment Stratification

Protein complexes and protein post translational modifications (PTM) characterise functional states of proteins pertinent to disease. In the microenvironment of a tissue, assessments of these attributes provide markers of disease that are more relevant than simple expression levels of proteins. The QF-Pro® platform can deliver on this information, providing a better route to treatment decisions in cancer, inflammation and immune disorders.

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Our team is composed of industrial experts and world-class scientists with common values and a strong shared vision: better diagnostics for better patient outcomes. Our depth and breadth of expertise in advanced molecular diagnostics, along with the considerable academic and research expertise of our founders and our exclusive proprietary technologies, positions us at the forefront of precision pathology.

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QF-PRO Tumor diagnosis

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QF-Pro® diagnostic platform

Our QF-Pro® diagnostic platform successfully passes the first trials for lung cancer validation

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